Elite Companionship for the Discerning Gentleman



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The secret of happiness is to admire without desiring


Being a true gentleman

I can't stress this enough.

I have a life outside of dating.

It takes time for me to fully accommodate you and, to Screen you.

Please, don't contact me if you're UNABLE to book our date. If you choose to do this then I will not be willing to accommodate you again I am sorry.

I prefer to do my communication via email.

Once Screened and, our date is secure then I will be happy to give you my number.

For a prompt response, include all the correct information kindly ask for. 

I WILL NEVER compromise my safety.

Screening is required

There are no EXCEPTIONS 

I am selective about my dates not just for myself but, to assure you with the best Companionship that you deserve.


We are all adults and, even men new to this type of dating should know better about approaching a lady for the 1st time. Please do your information before contacting any lady. 

Contacting me with "Are you free" or "Hi, I am John Doe are you free?" Will without doubt get you NO response plus your just wasting a ladies time.

Please don't waste my time OR your time with crude emails.

If you are truly seeking a date but, are new as well as nervous I am delighted to meet you for dinner and, cocktails. My Considerations still apply.

NO abusing the e-mails

Contact me only if you're flexible and, ready to make our date. 

Please plan our meeting with as much notice as possible 

I am rairly available on the last minute or same day date requests.

Pre-booking is recommended for the best availability.

So I have plenty of time to prepare for our date.

Please never ask for my pictures via E-Mail. 

Never ask me about my rates in a e-mail as well.

Please do NOT contact me if you can't afford my  Considerations. 

Considerations are for my time and, companionship only and are non-negotiable.


Please have my donation ready and, placed in an unsealed envelope upon arrival. Please write GillianRose's Gift on it if your a new date.

I accept cash only.


I am not seeking a pen pal.

Not seeking a boyfriend or text buddy.

I will cut all communications off if you're wanting to just chat. 

You can expect me to tell a trusted friend where I will be and, for how long. This is for my safety.

Please be respectful to me at all times as I will be of you.


This way I know you're fine with my rules; Considerations.

Being a true gentleman  will  instantly  put you in my good graces.


Gifts aren't at all expected but if you wish to send me a virtual gift card via e-mail that would be very generous.